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Product & Services in Erie, Pennsylvania

Erie, Pennsylvania-based Erie Gold Exchange is a Jewelry and Coin store that is home to a large selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, certified diamonds, loose diamonds, gold, platinum, and silver estate jewelry. We also have a large selection of gold and silver coins, bullion, graded certified coins, quality wrist and pocket watches, and PLENTY more....
We have been recognized as one of the TOP buyers for Diamonds, Estate Jewelry, and coins in the tri-state area.
Jewelry Repair - Gold exchange in Erie, PA

We provide these great services to our customers at both locations:

Jewelry Repair Service

We offer the best prices in town for our jewelry repair. Some of our common repairs are:
  • Ring sizing
  • Diamond and gemstone replacement
  • Repairing broken necklaces, chains, and bracelets
  • Resetting precious gemstones

Appraisal Services

Appraisals are available for one item or to complete estates. We appraise diamonds, engagement rings, estate jewelry, coins, paper money, watches, and more. Appraisals are available for anyone, including attorneys and executors.

XRF Testing of Precious Metals Service

We are Erie's only precious metal buyer with XRF technology to properly analyze metals to give an exact percentage of elements.
Visit us today to see it all or to ask any questions you may have at either one of our two Erie, Pennsylvania locations.